The Team

David Coyle, BEng (Mech) - Managing Director

David Coyle is a professional marine engineer with a significant Royal Australian Navy (RAN) engineering background. His experience in particular, has focused upon the commercial aspects of RAN marine refitting and repairs.


Robert Enchelmaier - Director Business Systems Development

Robert Enchelmaier has worked in power, education, oil, defence, consulting, government, finance and forestry organisations as a systems specialist and strategic planner.


Richard Arthur, BEng(Mech), Master of Maintenance & Reliability Engineering

Served for 16 years in the RAN as a Marine Engineer Officer specialising in managing ship plant operations and maintenance.  Richard then worked as a Maintenance Engineer and Superintendent for BHP at a large minerals processing plant for two years. Richard recently joined the CBD team and is currently engaged on the HMAS SIRIUS Safety Case.   


Bob Hartley

Bob gained his experience serving 22years with the Royal Australian Navy and has since worked within the Maintenance Engineering Industry for BOC Gases, James Hardie and as Sales Engineer with Davidson Sensors. Bob has been with CBD for 6 Years and has been an integral team member in development of customer based analytical toolsets using Industrial & Military Standards for Asset Management.


Bruce Richens

Bruce has a Naval electronics and IT networking background. His experience includes strategic and tactical defence communications and commercial computer networking. Bruce has been involved in maintenance reviews, analysis and auditing of systems. 

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