Capability By Design is a privately owned company that offers asset management and business risk products and services to commercial and public organisations that have complex, high energy physical assets. 

Capability By Design enables organisations to develop physical asset management policies and plans that delivers the needed assurance that their assets will be both “Safe to Use” and “Fit for Purpose”, throughout the demanded service life.


The mission of Capability By Design is to enable owners of high energy complex physical assets to demonstrate the technical integrity of their assets.


The vision of Capability By Design is to be a leading provider of technical integrity products and services to both Defence and Public Infrastructure asset owners with a share price that continues to grow and a reputation for outstanding value in its achievements.

As the company grows, it will provide a working environment that encourages innovation across the business and where our people are engaged in something which they believe provides a positive contribution.


What Is Asset Management?

CBD believes that asset management is a key business risk strategy, based upon a PDCA management process (against agreed Standards) & implemented within a Leadership and Improvement culture.

Additionally, asset management is predicated upon four Key Principles (or philosophical cornerstones), namely:



AM requires a focus on asset outputs, that are measureable and specific.



AM requires a focus on assets from the point of view of what the assets can deliver.



AM requires a focus on uncertainty as the key part of the asset output.



AM requires a focus on people as part of a learning culture.

For further information, on how the above “way of thinking” can help you solve your problems, contact CBD at …


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